Autocooliing Clutch Drum 47/49cc Pocketbikes Chung Yang GP460 Mach1 Gas Scooter

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Autocooling Racing Clutch Drum Bell complette

78mm autocooling clutch drum Set with autocooling clutch drum, SKF high-performance bearing and sprocket complett mounted. Made from pre-heat treated 4130/4140 then black oxide coated with 2mm wall thickness and vented design for better heat dissipation. Fit for al 47/49cc Pocketbike / Pocket Cross / Blata Minimoto 2.5/2,6 / Blata Miniquad, Chung Yang GP460, Mach1 Gas Scooter Engines and Zenoah G43L Engines.

  • Outside diameter: 82mm
  • Inner diameter: 78mm
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Total height: 47.50mm
Made in Germany
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