40cc Powerboat Engine

The company MHZ built a motor for large models many years ago with the Blata Motor replicas from China. Since we, as a meanwhile over 20 year old importer, this replica engine was often sent to us for overhaul and could only be repaired with great effort, we now offer the original somewhat revised for water sports. The only change to the original Blata engine is the carburetor from Dellorto to Walbro.

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Air Filter RC Engines / Pocket Bike / Gas Scooter / Goped

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Tygon F-4040-A Fuel Line 1m 1/4" x 1/8"

Product no.: 010505
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40cc Pocket Bike / MHZ Powerboat Walbro HDA-223 Carburetor Kit

Product no.: 010812
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Exhaust Silentblock Origami Exhaust and Silencer 973.050.00

Product no.: 051415
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Impulse Plate for 39cc Blata and C1 Engines and Powerboat

Product no.: 011003
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W50 Blata RC Powerboat Motor Engine similar MHZ

Product no.: 010912
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Engine Holder / Motor Mount Blata 40cc / 50cc for Powerboat MHZ

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Walbro Carb HDA-223 for Chung Yang GP420 / GP460 121130028

Product no.: 060115
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